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MCAS   takes the  approach for  value adding  of services with  a commitment to premium customer service and satisfaction.

A quality Service and Preventative maintenance regime plays an important role  in the keeping of HVAC equipment at its optimum. With a program designed for each individual building we can work towards keeping operational  costs down, achieve and prolong  service life and reduce  costly breakdowns.

MCAS  maintenance  programs help identify  problems before they can turn into  costly service calls or breakdowns . Each program  includes a complete checklist for reference and compliance requirements.

MCAS intends to  provide a high level of service for its clients through an amalgamation of programmed preventative maintenance and  a responsive service team so we can deliver outcomes that meet your needs and budget..

We believe that being proactive in providing our clients with a professional service and accurate information allows  them to make correct  decisions in relation to Service, Maintenance, Repairs and ongoing operational costs.


Benefits of  programmed preventative maintenance?


A quality well programmed  maintenance  will assist  in less down time and  less likely hood of  emergency service calls or breakdowns.

Scheduled maintenance is performed when due and is designed  to meet  current regulations  and Australian Standards requirements.

Having MCAS technicians regularly check and service HVAC equipment assists in increasing lifespan of systems, keeps energy  costs down and ensures equipment runs as efficiently as practicable.

In today’s environment where energy use is closely scrutinized it is important that equipment which consumes energy is maintained correctly and operates as efficiently as possible endeavoring  to reduce the use of electricity and resulting in the reduction of utility costs.

Almost all properties can achieve reduced utilities consumption by modifying their practices  and implementing  effective maintenance programs.  Along with this and working hand in hand with our clients we all work towards a common goal – this being an efficient healthy building.             

The  end result is lower outgoings,  capital expenditure and  more efficient building operation.

It is our ultimate goal  to provide a blue chip service by working closely with our clients on a proactive  basis ensuring that all of our customers are involved  and kept up to date with the condition of their assets.


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